Roofing tiles are another common roof system in Arizona.  Some tiles are manufactured by firing at high temperature while others are fabricated from cement concrete.  Spanish style barrel tile is a beautiful roof, but is also the most brittle being composed of fired clay.  Because tile alone cannot prevent water from penetrating your roof, a tile roof systems consist of a layer or multiple layers of underlayment for a moisture barrier.  Tiles are then installed on top of this barrier using wood strips (batons) and/or mortar.  Tile are available in a wide variety of colors and range in style from "S" to tiles that lay flat.

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Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the more common type of roofing system in Arizona.  Shingles are comprised of fiberglass with mineral ceramic granules, and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.  Shingle roofs are popular because they last 20-50 years and are more cost effective to install than some other types of roofing. 

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Flat roof  solutions

modified bitumen

Modified bitumen is a virtually maintenance free system with long manufacturer warranties and is offered in a variety of colors to match adjoining shingles or tile roof decks.  Modified bitumen is a single ply membrane comprised of asphalt and rubber.  This system can be used on any flat roof, ranging from the entire house, individual decks, or patio roofs.  The top layer can be smooth or granular and is available in a variety of colors.  This allows owners to choose a color matching their tile or shingle roof.


Polyurethane (foam) roofs can have a long life if properly maintained.  This system does need to be maintained to ensure optimal life.  Blisters and penetrations caused by birds, bees, or rotting debris can compromise your roofing system.  To ensure you get the most out of your foam roof, routine inspections and repairs should be performed.  Large blisters and cuts need to be repaired to avoid further damage and periodic recoating of the foam with a elastomeric coat is recommended to seal and protect the foam from the elements.

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